Today, there are a multitude of presentations with hormonal contraceptives among which are the following:

Combinations of estrogen and progestin oral

The most commonly used. Its mechanism of action is inhibition of ovulation by preventing the secretion of FSH and LH. Are a combination of fixed or variable doses of estrogen and progestin. As estrogen, in most, includes EE. These combinations are fixed each administrator 3 the week 21 days, although in some containers, as mentioned before, contain 7 placebo tablets to complete the menstrual cycle or week of rest. The appearance of biphasic contraception and even phase has caused the dose per cycle have been reduced to avoid some undesirable effects. The effects of these contraceptive also act at endometrial and cervical mucus.

Low-dose progestogens

Are more complex than the hormonal combination estrogen / progestin. Your dosage is stricter than the previous non-perefectamente be met in the treatment Frasaco. May cause irregular menstruation, or, its appearance is not as accurate as the combination. The rule or may be advanced or delayed menstruation. Why use, then? Because they are an alternative for women who do not tolerate or are taking estrogen is contraindicated.

Combinación transdermal estrogen-progestogen

Represent a real alternative and convenient access to oral routes of housing management, injection, diu or multiple implants. They are known as “transdermal patches” and its composition is norelgestromin and ethinyl estradiol. Protection against pregnancy is comparable to that of the combined contraceptive but they are safer. The doses used in each weekly patch have an effect as are necessary to implement 3 weekly patches consecutively 1 week off without them to complete the entire cycle. As benefits, plus the convenience and ease of use, emphasizes easy installation, not hurt nor cause skin infections such as implants can. The disadvantages can say that, duration of effect is less than vaginal implants or intrauterine devices (Diu) and that there is an increased risk of pregnancy if you miss a placement or if the patch loses adhesion.

Injectable progestogen

Applied by intramuscular injection every 2 O 3 months. Inhibit ovulation but can cause menstrual irregularities have been described previously and even amenorrhea. They are very effective and safe as progrestágeno dose is absorbed in its entirety. They are often recommended for women who are being treated with antiepileptic drugs or who suffer any type of anemia.

Vaginal implants vaginal ring

The implants release the dose of progestin or combination estrogen / progestin gradually and slowly to ensure its action during 3 to 6 months depending on the type of emplante. It is a silicone ring impregnated requires personnel to be effectively implemented.

Subcutaneous implants

They are able to maintain a lasting contraceptive effect of 3 to 5 años. Progestogen such as levonorgestrel or etonogestrel to keep. Like the vaginal implant, require specialized personnel to be deployed but are easier to insert and remove than previous (5 minutes). The only downside I can present the risk of infection at the implant site.

Intrauterine progestogen

They are traditionally known as IUDs are very effective in women who have had multiple births. Its implementation should be carried out by specialized personnel at risk of ectopic pregnancy or pelvic inflammatory disease.

Postcoital methods

Often used when they fail some physical methods such as condoms or condom breakage, even in cases of rape. It consists of an administration of high doses of estrogen and progestin, and its effectiveness will depend on several factors, time being the most important of all. The housing management of these doses may be carried out to 3 day movement after having performed the sexual act with a second (and strict) the last dose 12 hours. The same pattern is followed by the known “morning after pill” or “morning after pill” with 0.75 mg levonogestrel (is progestogen, but has minimal estrogenic and androgenic activity; orale hormonal contraceptives, including levonorgestrel usually have a dose of 50 a,en 75 micrograms). Its action depends on when you have Admin and if there is inhibition of ovulation or implantation. The failure rate is high compared to other methods and their effectiveness decreases as time goes by after sexual intercourse. The effectiveness is 95% after the first 24 hours of having intercourse, and down to the 85% for the following 24-48h and even became the 58% if administered between 48 and 72 hours after.

Antiandrogens combined

Among the many hormones and combinations on the market, there is an association of oral antiandrogens such as cyproterone with estrogen. The combination estrogen and antiandrogen (etinilestradiol/ciproterona), in spite of being the main indiación, also has a contraceptive effect. This contraception is only indicated for women with androgenic manifestations such as acne, seborrhea, hirsutism and androgenic alopecia including. It should not be used in women only for contraception since it is recommended to treatment discontinuation 3 O 4 cycles after the demonstrations have been resolved earlier indicated. A business presentation is well known in Spain Diane 35, whose components are exactly as described.