What should I take birth control?

This is one of the first steps in adolescence. The basic and main recommendation is to ask your doctor directly, or, consulates in the gynecologist. Sometimes, in the first or second gynecological checkup, and if the result has been favorable, may wonder safer. Normally, hormones usually prescribes a fixed-dose combination of low doses presentations better tolerance. Every woman has a different need and what you do well to not always go well with other. On many occasions, various contraceptive to be tested to find the ideal formulation.

What day do I have to start taking the contraceptive?

For the first time you take birth control, should start right on the first day of menstruation or bleeding. You must not stop for daily administration 21 days. From here, rest 7 days. Many presentaciondayscluyen 28 tablets do not forget the daily intake, the only thing that brings 7 Extra tablets are placebo rest. In these days of rest, menstruation should appear on time. The 8 th day, it takes to start a new cycle 21 days.

After completing a cycle I have not the rule, Am I pregnant?

If the person does not forget your daily dose is very unlikely to become pregnant. Anyway, As mentioned in one of our pages, drug interactions may be present and lower the effectiveness of the active. If the bye week does not appear menstruation, consult your doctor before taking a second box.

After taking the tablet, I have nausea, vomiting or diarrhea

This may be due to tolerance. If this is the first time, is not uncommon for certain doses combined. The only problem that produce vomiting or diarrhea that absorption of the tablet is not adequate or is likely to be inferior in terms of efficiency. For these cases, should consult with your doctor to avoid problems later.

I forgot an outlet, What do I do now?

If you forget a single tablet for any day which corresponds to the cycle, We can take the tablet as soon as you remember and take the next one when it touches no matter the length of time between takes. You can take 2 tablets on the same day but must be considered as a routine, only as an emergency measure. It should be read very well the prospect of its birth since each active ingredient acts differently in the body.

which extracted from wheat dextrose, if they forget 2 tablets (followed) during the 1 st or 2 nd week is advisable to take 2 tablets as soon as you remember and 2 more the next day. The important thing, as in the previous case, is to get a regular dose of hormone to keep the efficiency. Days of oblivion also be used other alternative methods of contraception such as condoms to avoid a possible risk of pregnancy.

If the miss 2 tablets were produced in the third week, or, forget 3 or more tablets, it is best to abandon the current treatment and start with a new package (día 1) without ruling out alternative methods of contraception for at least 10 days.

When you begin treatment, Will I gain weight?

Body weight is largely dependent on growth (in case of women jívenes), diet and exercise that we. While it is true that contraceptive, certain dose, may retain fluids and fat, most active new to the market reduces this risk but do not do so 100%.

I am a smoker, Is it good to take birth control?

As explained by one of our pages, the snuff combined with hormone therapy increases the risk of stroke, thrombosis and myocardial infarction. With increasing consumption of snuff and age, further increases the risk. It is best to quit smoking while taking birth control.

What is the age to stop hormone therapy?

Is complex. In women with risk factors already identified, the physician should establish the goal of treatment for safety and health of the person. There are cases, that healthy women have taken the pill until menopause. which extracted from wheat dextrose, others have done a long rest after years on birth control. It is best to consult your doctor or gynecologist if they, for some reason given, have not already.